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not your everyday ICO!

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"Another Exchange?!" You might ask.

Just hear us out!

To understand the situation, let's have a look at the currently operational exchanges: Long story short, they are as capitalistic and profit-oriented as they can get.

Is it a problem? - Not necessarily, most people (both investors and developers) are in the crypto industry to make their ideas a reality and/or to make decent profits.

The problem comes when the value and quality of the service are not in balance with the profit it generates.

Sadly even the biggest crypto exchanges have performance or customer service issues and yet aren't providing the best options to their users, despite having humongous profits from trading activities, huge withdrawal fees, PoS coin stakes, sky-high listing fees, and the list goes on.

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So, what are we going to do about it? 

For our users:

First things first, we are going to provide the best terms in the industry while being totally honest and transparent.

We are also going to provide opportunities for You to lead and shape the exchange with us. Everyone who actively uses the site will have the opportunity to have a say in the operation of the marketplace.
We want our user base to be our counterweight and keep a healthy balance, something that is almost nonexistent in the crypto market. The idea is to solve existing problems and inconveniences first, and then improve the site together with ideas that are mutually beneficial for everyone.

For the market/projects:

We are open for partnerships to utilize and distribute crypto assets.

In addition, we are going to help projects and ICOs to have an easier start when it comes to exchange listings. Our listing fees will be rather low and standardized for the different sizes of ICOs.

About the ICO and our approach towards it:

Our ICO is not like anyone else’s.

At first thought, we wanted to fund the platform ourselves and scale it progressively. We decided not to go this way because it's way better and safer to buy the necessary equipment and have a fast, reliable and safe service straight from the beginning.

For us, this kind of fundraising is more like a way to involve our future users and investors into the whole idea and to show the fundamental values of our exchange.

We believe we could shape this ICO in a way that it reflects our mentality. A mindset with the idea that there are ways that can be beneficial for everyone and if there is help there should be some reward as well.

We are ready to buy back EVERY single one of the tokens we issue, thereby making this investment rather risk-free for you.

This fundraising event acts as a kickstart that you provide and we are grateful for the trust and aid. Your contribution creates a healthy symbiosis where you help us by trading on our platform and invite others to do so (of course through our referral system which benefits the both of you), and we help you by providing great terms and increasing the price of your CZAR tokens.

All in all, it is a solution that really benefits both the investors,
the platform and of course the users.


Cazaar is all about the proper and beneficial service, thereby we are focusing on options and ways to deliver the features that are necessary for these to be achieved.

The main attributes of the service are going to be the following at the start of the operation
(1-month BETA phase):


After the BETA phase we will implement:

  • A Referral System 
  • A Crowdsourcing and Crowdvoting system 
  • A PoS coin distribution system 
  • A Trade-based fee reduction system


Options for improvement in an already well-established system:

  • Android and iOS mobile apps 
  • Fiat-Crypto options 
  • Margin trading  
  • Futures trading 
  • OTC trading 
  • Decentralized solutions 

After the BETA phase, there will be a constant improvement both in features and in the number of listed coins. At this point, the user base is free to suggest and decide which of the features should be implemented or refined and what coins they would like to see in the lineup.

Cazaar’s pros compared to most exchanges

Elevated User Experience and Profitability!

User-based approach

Besides of a worthy customer service, every customer who uses the site has the voting power to trigger change or to have a say in the changes that are made by us.
For this to be effective, we are building a Crowdsourcing system.

Fee reduction system 

A different approach for you to make profits while you are trading.
The more you trade the less the trading fee is going to be. In our system, you don't have to trade millions to achieve that, our limits are reachable for everyone.

Referral system

Referral system with bonuses both for the referrer and the referee. 
You can share up to 50% of our cut after the referee's trades.
30% goes to the referrer, and the referee also gets a 20% rebate, thus it's beneficial for both parties.

PoS coin/token distribution 

Fair distribution of rewards after every PoS coin/token that is kept on our exchange. 
We are going to give you 65% after EVERY PoS coin. Not only after the few bigger ones. 
The 65% will only apply at the beginning. After the crowdsourcing platform is ready, we are open to discuss the matter with our users.

Reasons to be part of our Story

You will get an honest and transparent platform with one of the best terms in the entire market to trade your crypto assets.

Unlikely to lose on the crowdsale since we are going to buy back 100% of the emitted tokens.

It’s certain that you’ll be able to trade the tokens after the ICO. That’s one of the best parts of "betting" on an exchange.

We aren’t spending 10-30% of investor money on people and services that are unnecessary for making the platform a reality. (Advisors, Influencers, Angel investors etc.)

Our working pace is so high that many other projects have a longer fundraising duration than our whole journey from zero to the working product.

Token Sale

Token sale starts:
30 Nov. 2018

Token sale ends:
15 Jan. 2019

Soft Cap: 

Hard Cap: 

100% of the tokens will be bought back by us once the platform is operational.

100% of the tokens are distributed to the ICO investors.

The price of one CZAR token is US $0.25

12,000,000 CZAR tokens will be issued. All tokens that go unsold will be burnt.

Fund distribution

  • Marketing and Advertising Expenses

  • Reserve Funds

  • Human Resources and Operational Costs

  • Equipment and Development


November 30 - January 15 2018/2019

Fundraising event

January 15 – January 29 2019

Token distribution

January 15 - April 05 2019

Development of the Exchange

April 05 - May 06 2019

BETA phase
The tokens are already tradable at this point

May 06 2019

Fully operational service and constant improvements

Our Team

Gyula Nemeth
Co-Founder - CEO

A sole-proprietor, investor, trader, and scholarship holder Business Informatics student at Budapest Business School - University of Applied Sciences.

"If there is something I'm interested in, then it must be entrepreneurship. Every time I use a service or a product, I start to look for ways to improve it. The creation process is even more exciting for me, stretching the boundaries, managing the processes, getting involved in the marketing and business strategy are tasks I'm looking forward to doing.

I've been a crypto enthusiast and a rather successful trader for more than 2 years by now. While there was nothing wrong with receiving the service, the current circumstances and opportunities are making it possible for us to experience the providing side and introduce a different approach to the market."

Mark Szecsi
Co-founder - CTO

"I'm a qualified software engineer who is proficient in MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, C#, C++, Python, Swift and Objective-C.

I'm currently working, and studying Business Informatics at Budapest Business School in distance learning.

In this company, I'll oversee and coordinate the development in pair with Mark Vituska. I've examined how most of the bigger exchanges work, and I've also taken note of all the previous hackings from the past. Thereby, I'm confident to say that, in case of a successful ICO, investors don't have to worry about the platform's quality or deadlines not being met."

Mark Vituska
Full Stack Developer

Mark is a born developer, with tireless attitude and excellent problem-solving skills. He finished his studies at Eötvös Loránd University, the best institution in Hungary when it comes to training software engineers. Even during his university years, he was working on challenging and high-value projects at different firms.

"I’ve started studying programming at a young age, and it quickly became my lifelong passion.

I like to think of myself as a talented individual with a great thirst for knowledge. As a development oriented person my time will be spent with the inner workings of this project.

Making sure that it’s fast, reliable and most importantly, secure. I will keep close ties with the contracted developers ensuring quality work that will be delivered on time."

Potential contracted development partner once the soft cap is met:

After the BETA phase, there will be a constant improvement both in features and in the number of listed coins. At this point, the user base is free to suggest and decide which of the features should be implemented or refined and what coins they would like to see in the lineup.


Who are you?

We are a group of grads and undergrads from Hungary with fresh knowledge of IT (programming, network security, database management), finances and marketing, who are also crypto enthusiasts and traders. We aren't satisfied with the current exchange roster, and with many other things about the market, so we are here to do about it and make a profitable and capable platform.

Note: We don't have LinkedIn accounts (at all), simply because most of its features are not necessary for us. The labor market basically absorbs workforce like us, IT specialists with practical knowledge. We know it's a good way to show our resume, but to create one just for the sake of the ICO is probably not as honest as if we simply don't have one.

Nevertheless, we are willing to identify ourselves, if you have a good idea about how it could be done, don't hesitate to contact us.

Why are there only 3 team members?

Originally we wanted to start with 6 members (with 3 more developers), which would've made it a rather easy task for us to bring the exchange to life since we are used to working with each other. Unfortunately, their contracts and busy work schedule make it impossible for them to join in in the next 3-5 months. Thus we chose to find a contract partner with whom we can finish the development in 2.5-3 months.

Why would we trust your ICO?

First of all, if you have any concerns about our legitimacy, don’t hold back and confront us on any of our social media channels.
Now let’s see a couple of reasons, why it is rational for us to do everything in order to make this project a success:

  • Ours is a smaller ICO. We only ask for what is necessary to create a platform that has the capacity to bring in more money on a monthly basis than what our whole ICO can. The only reasonable way is to make it a reality.
  • Our reputation is also on the line.
  • But most importantly, we have the vision, the skillset, the will, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new and strong contender on the crypto exchange market.

How am I going to have profits?

We’ll use 10% of Our profits to buy back and burn Your coins every month. If you are not selling for a lower price than what you bought it for, then there is no way you will lose on our ICO when it comes to BTC or ETH amounts. (Sadly we don’t have the control over the BTC/ETH-FIAT market, but other ICOs don’t have such powers either.)
We are a rather safe bet.

Other than that, there will be many options on the platform, quite a few you cannot get elsewhere, which can save you money and/or generate further income.

How do I participate in the Crowd-sale?

To take part in the token offering, you should register on our website (which will become the same account as the exchange’s) and send your crypto to the token offering address. Your tokens will be put to your account in our system, and after the crowd-sale, they will be sent to your sending address, or they will stay in your account on the exchange. If there is no Ethereum account address to which we can send it to, then the latter option occurs!

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept ETH and BTC

I have an unanswered question, what now?

Just ask it in our Reddit AMA. We will give you an answer.